Reflective Essay On Scenarios

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Hi, Welcome to my presentation on Scenario 6 of EDFD548.
Slide 2: Scenario
This is the situation of a student from my Year 9 class.
• Janelle from my year 9 class is a year younger than her classmates. She appears willing to work, but very disorganised. Janelle seldom brings her books and other materials required for her lessons. When asked by the teacher, she claims that she has left them at home, or she doesn’t know where they are, or that someone has taken them.
• Janelle’s work shows that she is capable of deeply understanding complex topics. However, she is disorganised and badly presented, and often it seems her work is done while in the school bus on her way to school. When challenged, she promises to do better, but her behaviour
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So, she must be having good cognitive skills even though she is a year younger than other students in the class.
But Janelle is not showing interest in her studies as she is disorganised and leaves her school work to the last minute. Though she can tackle complex work, her work is badly presented. She ignores reminders from her
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Dreikurs’ democratic discipline model is suitable to make create positive behaviour with the help of peer influence.
Slide 11: RTP Questions for Janelle
Here are some questions that can be used to this specific case of Janelle.
“What is the rule about bringing books and materials to the school?”
“Would, not having your books and materials help you to learn during lessons?”
“Do you want to forget to bring your books tomorrow?”
“What can be done not to forget to bring your book again?”
“Can you or your teacher read a badly presented work?”
“Would a work be perfect if it is done at last minute in a rush?”
“What happens if no effort is made to keep a promise to your teacher?”
Slide 12: Open questions
Does Janelle’s case warrant the provision of a support staff, like teacher aide?
Can the method adopted (RTP) help a student to become more responsible outside classroom?
Is Janelle trying to seek the full attention of her teacher?
Can a study-buddy help Janelle to become

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