Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay

  • Personal Nursing Philosophy: The Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

    Personal Philosophy of Nursing Seynor Massalee Kennedy South University Personal Philosophy of Nursing The purpose of this paper is to explore the personal nursing philosophy I intend to use in my career as a nurse and to explore my values and beliefs about the four metaparadigms- the patient, the nursing practice, their health and the environment, and the discipline of nursing in addition to discussing the nursing concepts relevant to my practice as a nurse practitioner. In addition, this paper discusses the nurse of the future and the Synergy model definitions of…

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  • Nursing: My Personal Philosophy Of Personal Nursing Philosophy

    My Personal Nursing Philosophy The nature of nursing is based on committing to the public and ones desires to help the needy. It is not just treating illness, but also giving oneself for the well being of another. I think nursing care should be done holistically while putting the beliefs and values of the patient into consideration. A nurse’s philosophy in nursing practice should be very accepting as there are going to be people of different backgrounds and cultures as patients and family…

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  • My Nursing Philosophy: My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

    My philosophy of nursing is to be holistic, respectful, honest, compassion, knowledgeable, confidential, nonjudgmental, an advocate, a leader, and a teacher. I chose nursing as my profession because I want to be someone accountable and trustworthy to take care of the ones that suffer as a human being. What makes a person a human being in comparison to animals is that a person can think at many different levels. Therefore, when I 'm caring for other human beings, I will acknowledge that a person…

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  • Free Nursing Philosophy: My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

    Philosophy of Nursing Jacquelyn R. Kelson State College of Florida Abstract I started my career in a long-term care facility but I anticipate to one day become a critical care nurse. Care, compassion, fierce loyalty, and truthfulness are some of the values that I choose to live by. As a nurse, I advocate for the patient and place their needs high. Based on different studies, it was concluded that caring, compassion and honesty are important themes to improve patient outcomes. These values have…

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  • Personal Philosophy Of Nursing Metapaadigm

    Personal Nursing Philosophy A personal nursing philosophy should consist of thoughts, values, and beliefs that are directed towards nursing practice and patient care. The personal philosophy that deems to be true is that nursing care should be safe, involves a therapeutic relationship, and is personalized to the patient’s needs and cultural background. In order to gain an understanding of this personal philosophy it is important to understand the concepts of the four nursing metaparadigms.…

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  • My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

    I chose nursing as my profession because nursing is a noble, honored field where you can affect people 's lives in a positive manner. My personal philosophy is that I want to help people get better. Now, whether that be physically, emotionally, or passing on into the next life peacefully; I want to do it all. As nurses we are the patient’s advocate, protection against medical error, and sounding boards. I want to represent who I take care and do good for them. Right now I am learning and…

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  • What Is The Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

    Personal Philosophy of Nursing In order to serve patients most effectively, one must look introspectively and determine what one believes about nursing. This author chose nursing as a profession because nursing is her calling and she has made it her life’s work. For this author, nursing is a culmination of compassion, service, knowledge, teamwork, integrity, and perseverance. While it is true that one may receive the title “Registered Nurse” by going to school and passing an exam, this author…

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  • Essay On Personal Nursing Philosophy

    My Personal Philosophy of Nursing Miesha Rawls University of Texas Arlington Abstract: This paper explores the personal nursing philosophy I like to use as a Registered Nurse. My personal philosophy of nursing incorporates compassion and caring for the wellbeing of another individual as if it was someone in your own family. In this paper I will include historical, ethical, and political factors influencing the nursing profession. As well as why I wanted to become a nurse. My goal is…

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  • Brandy's Personal Nursing Philosophy

    Brandy’s Personal Nursing Philosophy A personal philosophy of nursing is what guides your practice. As stated in the textbook Role Development in Professional Nursing Practice, knowing your personal philosophy enables the nurse to care for patients with purpose (Masters, 2017). Knowing your personal philosophy also give the nurse the information needed to continually evaluate the care being provided and continue to become a better and more proficient nurse. Why I Chose Nursing It is said…

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  • My Philosophy, And My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

    Personal Philosophy of Nursing Nursing is one of many careers in which the profession involves long term learning. Individuals look as nursing as a career when it should be viewed as a profession in which takes time and dedication to continue the development of knowledge to treat our patients in the best way possible. I will discuss my personal beliefs about nursing and the metaparadigm concepts then integrate them into my personal philosophy of nursing. Personal Beliefs about Nursing My central…

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