Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing
Nursing is one of many careers in which the profession involves long term learning. Individuals look as nursing as a career when it should be viewed as a profession in which takes time and dedication to continue the development of knowledge to treat our patients in the best way possible. I will discuss my personal beliefs about nursing and the metaparadigm concepts then integrate them into my personal philosophy of nursing.
Personal Beliefs about Nursing
My central belief about the individual person is everyone is unconsciously molded by genetic and environmental factors resulting in a distinct/unique personality. The nursing profession requires we understand people with different personalities so we can effectively
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126). Social surroundings of the environment includes society. The types of people one is surrounded with could have large impacts on what one is exposed to resulting in positive or negative outcomes. Living in a bad neighborhood, such as one associated with gangs or violence, could result in having a negative environment, affecting the individual in an undesired manner. Social surroundings also include what culture is being practiced in one’s family/household. As far as physical surroundings, the location of where one is residing could jeopardize the person’s environment. For example, living in a third world country vs. the United …show more content…
As described by Hood (2014), Imogene King explained people will develop a sense of communication through nurse-patient interaction. The perceptions developed from environment interaction will influence “the behavior and health” of people (p. 129). The central reason for the existence of nursing is to have someone take the time to care for people at a time of need. Nursing involves collection of information from several sources to provide the best care possible in an intellectual and ethical manner. To have the ability to do so, nurses can use source which rely on the four key concepts of the metaparadigm; human beings, environment, health, and nursing. Nurses will need to have a solid understanding of people’s current health and environment to be able to conduct proper performance of the nursing role by organizing goals to improve the person’s state of health. Also, the nurse will need to be able to expand their knowledge releasing any previous information that may be out of date or deemed incorrect with new conducted

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