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  • Airasia Case Study

    AirAsia purchased insurance policies to mitigate pure risk although it is done and operated a bit differently as it adopts an integrated approach risk management that goes beyond the traditional parameters of what is insurable. For instance, when AirAsia purchases insurance any policies to insure against pure risk, it also makes a conscious effort to acquire them at a much lower rate lower than other LCCs. In addition, to mitigate price risk, AirAsia hedged fuel prices at US$42 a barrel for the first half of 2005, which was substantially lower than the price per barrel of US$70 in the late 2005.AirAsia has little exposure to credit risk as it does not lend money to any external parties. Better still, customers who wish to purchase their air tickets need to make payment almost immediately upon booking. Hence, this eliminates credit risk totally. So far, Air Asia’s holistic approach to risk management effectively is viewed favorably by its stakeholders most of the time, especially the…

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  • Case Analysis Porter's Five Forces Airasia

    Apply Michael Porter’s five forces to the organization Porter’s five forces include bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of customers, threat of new entrants, threat of substitute products or services, and intensity of competitive rivalry. Bargaining power of suppliers: In the airline industry, Boeing and Airbus are the most popular brands when it comes to the supply of aircraft. As a matter of fact, both companies command majority of the market share in the manufacture and supply…

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  • Strengths And Weakness Of Airasia Strategy And Business Strategy

    One of the strengths of AirAsia is its ability as first mover in the low-fare market on the Asian continent to scale faster than the competition in the same niche. With the rapidly growing brand, the company was able to add more aircraft to its fleet of aircrafts and consequently increase passenger capacity, which led to a further decrease in the cost per seat, thanks to its economies of scale. The implication of this was that the airline was able to charge lower fares and attract more…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Air Asia

    Air Asia (AirAsia Berhad) is a low fare, low cost Malaysian based Airline Company in Association of Southwest Asian Nations (ASEAN). How this journey turned Air Asia to become first number of a low cost airline in 2007 after restructured and re launched. In very small time period Tony Ferenandese covered domestic as well as international market in the good competitive atmosphere. Target was Low cost and Low fare airlines with no frills and provide the high value to customers. The mission of…

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  • My Role Model Of Tony Fernalds

    Individual Assignment Part B There are lots of the business leaders who achieved success in their life like Bill Gates, Anil Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve jobs, etc. Here I am going to talk about Tony Fernandes he is a Malaysian Entrepreneur. He is the founder of Tune Air Sendirian Berhad (Wordpress, 2013). Achievements He achieved several goals in his life such as (Qi, 2016). 1. He introduced the low cost Airline, AirAsia with the tagline of “Now everyone can fly”. This…

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  • Importance Of Consumer Protection

    media assisted by informing consumers of Woolworth’s behaviour, harming their reputation and encouraging future ethical behaviour. Thus, the ACCC succeeds in effectively providing consumers with just outcomes. Furthermore, non-government organisations play a substantial role in achieving justice for consumers - often working in partnership with statutory bodies such as the ACCC to assist in increasing compliance to consumer law. CHOICE, hailed as the “leading voice for Australian consumers”,…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Air Transportation

    girl, Shona Kirsty Yves during an unexpected plane flight to Ghana. Thankfully, a Dutch doctor was available to assist with the delivery. This incident had many people in the air transportation industry questioning how rare or common this situation occurs. On the other hand, the main question to this situation is the nationality and citizenship of the airborne newborns. For instance, “in the UK, citizenship is not automatically conferred to those born in Britain” (Ali, 2016). However, this…

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  • Low Cost Carrier Case Study

    for a certain group of passengers. Also, Lu and Tsai (2004) revealed that business travelers in Taiwan thought safety and schedule of time are the top two priority. Chu (1995) discovered that different group of passengers found dissimilar aspects, each of them has different priority in choosing airline in Taiwan. 5) The Future of LCCs After developing low-cost carriers for years, other marketing approaches should be concerned except cheap tickets oriented. On the one hand, there is a…

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  • Dato Tony Fernandeses: Five Elements Of Transformational Leadership

    in you what you should do. It’s a leader’s job to inspire in us those values.” For Dato’ Tony Fernandes, he manages his employees by entrusting and giving opportunities to voice out their views and opinions. He maintains an open communication concept with his employees thus giving them the chance to show him what they are capable of, and what they hope to achieve. Together hand in hand with his employees, they became…

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  • Age Discrimination In The Workplace Case Study

    developed their own in-house social networking applications. The research and advisory firm Gartner Inc. estimates that social networking will soon replace e-mail as the primary form of business communication for 20 percent or more of business users.35 To get the most from social networks and avoid irritating your contacts, reserve them for high-value items only—not as an everyday or even every-week tool. Remember that a prospective employer might check your Facebook entries. Some entrepreneurs…

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