5 steps of Nursing Process Essay

  • The Importance Of The Nursing Process

    In the 1950s, Ida Jean Orlando introduces the nursing process and later it was refined, but not fully accepted in the 1960s. The nursing process is a planning care based on consecutive stages to obtain one final outcome for patient improvement. The patient’s improvement should be based on providing excellent care for all individuals. In addition to, it is encouraged for all health care locations to use the nursing process. Nursing process previously was built upon three steps: assessment, planning and evaluation. The Nursing Process, written in 1967 by Yura and Walsh later developed four steps: assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating. In 1973, American Nursing Association published The Standards of Practice that identifies eight standards…

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  • The Importance And Function Of The Nursing Process

    There are 5 steps of nursing process when it comes to taking care of patients as a nurse, and they are assessing, diagnosing, outcome identification and planning, implementing, and evaluating. Implementing step is a step consist of doing and documenting the activities that are the specific nursing actions that will carry out the interventions. The purposes of implementation are to help the patient achieve valued health outcomes such as promote health, prevent disease and illness, restore health,…

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  • Palmetto Health Research Paper

    USC School of Medicine (Palmetto Health, 2016). From the moment you first decide to be a nurse, you become a part of an important population in the healthcare industry. When choosing a career in nursing…

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  • The Importance Of APRN

    kind of science career, they have been incredibly supportive and interested. I was first attracted to nursing when an older friend was talking about her nursing program at Concordia. It was a career so different from what my family has done in the past, which made me even more captivated. After that day, I did research on the field and on schools with nursing programs. I knew CSB/SJU was the school I was going to go to. My grandparents are very excited for me and want me to further my education…

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  • The Importance Of Magnet Status In Healthcare

    There are 4 phases of the application which include submitting an application, submit written documentation to demonstrate excellence in nursing standards, participating in a site visit, and lastly a final review by the commission. When many hospitals apply for Magnet status it takes many years to achieve it because of the many steps. During the application process the hospitals must submit documentation that the hospital meets 88 standards throughout the five Magnet model components. If the…

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  • Case Study Of Careless Giver

    Step 4: To use imagination and explore several alternatives of the case study, it affords us to use deontology, utilitarianisms, and a virtue ethics to explore the. The idea is to have a caring response that create a process in which the dilemma will not manifest itself again. The first practical alternative is to explore treatment that will make the patient comfortable without more alternatives test and extra treatment and more fulfilling for the patient and her brother. Find new ways to help…

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  • The Importance Of Anxiety In Nursing

    develop infection due to skin breakdown Possible problems or needs These problems can not be identified easily, but the nurse has feeling that these can happen. • Financial problems because of long term illness and hospitalization • Anxiety may cause family safety Planning Generally the word “Planning” is making current decisions in the light of their future effects. In nursing concepts this means what the client needs to improve his present health status and making…

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  • The Importance Of Florence Nightingale's Nursing Theory

    Florence Nightingale’s Nursing Theory Florence Nightingale is arguably the most recognized and important influence in nursing history. She is most well-known for being the founder of modern nursing, devoting her life to preventing disease, make nursing a respected field, and delivering safe and compassionate care to patients by developing her environmental theory for other nurses to consider. Nightingales environmental theory focused mainly on meeting the needs of the patient within the…

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  • Master, K): The Five Universal Concepts Within The NSM

    standard range of responses to the environment that have wellness and stability. 4. Stressors first invade the flexible lines of defense then continues to invade the normal lines of defense. 5. Nursing provider’s actions are focused on primary, secondary, and tertiary preventions (Master, n.d.). The metaparadigm concepts within the NSM include human beings, environment, health, and nursing. First, is the human being which is looked at as, an open system that relates with both internal and…

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  • Obesity Is A National And Global Problem

    factors contribute to the obesity problem and literature abounds affirming obesity as a precursor to several co-morbidities of chronic illnesses (Brethauer, Kashyap, & Schauer, 2013; National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, 2012). With the challenges of the progressive world of healthcare, it is imperative for nurse executives to become involved in shaping excellent patient care (American Organization of Nurse Executives [AONE], 2015). West Texas Centers (WTC) nursing services provides…

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