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  • The Tiananmen Square Protests Of 1989

    The Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989, more popularly known as the Tiananmen Square Incident or Tiananmen Square Massacre, were a series of student-led demonstrations in Beijing during 1989. The student-led protests were forcibly suppressed by tanks and armed troops 2 weeks after the government declared martial law and mobilized as many as 300,000 troops into Beijing. The death toll is still widely debated.The protests happened during rapid economic and social developments in China. The students called for political and economic reform, as well as more individual rights and freedoms due to the political corruption that was the result of inflation. At the height of the protests, about a million people assembled in the Square. By May, a student-led…

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  • Rk Menendez Brothers Murder Case

    It took 2 trials to finally sentence them to life in different prisons without the possibility parole. Lyle and Erik Menendez were found guilty of murdering their parents for 14 million dollars of inheritance money. On the night of August 20th, 1989, Jose and Kitty Menendez were bushwhacked in the family room at 10:00 PM by their two children. Mrs. Menendez was filling out an UCLA application for her son, Erik, as she and her husband munched on berries and cream. They were interrupted by Erik…

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  • Vocational Rehabilitation Case Study Plan Examples

    Hello Ms. Finkelman, I would like to express my sincere thanks that you have taken time out of your schedule to work with me on my Vocational Rehabilitation Case. I’m aware that you made an exception to your busy schedule to even see me on Monday, 26 October, at 10:30 am. That is why I wanted to ensure that I express my thoughts to you in a written correspondence that you might reference in my absence. Requesting vocational rehabilitation services to attain a doctoral degree is not the normal;…

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  • Gun Control Pros And Cons Essay

    Bibliography Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles Times. Web. 20 Dec. 2015. Putting restrictions on guns wouldn’t help anything in today 's society. Guns could still be bought illegally. On top of that criminologist have showed that there is almost just the same amount of death not involving guns as there is with. So there would be no difference restructuring guns. "BalancedPolitics.org - Gun Control (Pros & Cons, Arguments For and Against, Advantages & Disadvantages)." BalancedPolitics.org - Gun…

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  • The CYPF Act 1989

    Part Two The CYPF Act 1989 recognises a power imbalance between young people and the professionals in the criminal justice system. The professionals have an advantage of familiarity and understanding of the legal system where children are most likely to be unaware of this or will have a difficulty to understand the proceedings. To solve this imbalance, the Act states that the Judge must communicate the decisions they make in a manner that is understandable for the young persons, as well as…

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  • 1989 Film Glory

    The 1989 film Glory depicts the men of the Massachusetts 54th Regiment during the Civil War. The Massachusetts 54th Regiment was unique; it was the first African American regiment fighting for the union in the Civil War. As members of the first African American regiment, the men of the Massachusetts 54th Regiment faced different challenges than white union soldiers. The common goal to end slavery united the men of the Massachusetts 54th Regiment. Although the white union soldiers were also…

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  • 1989 Camaro Research Paper

    The 1989 Camaro is a classic and popular car. They have a third brake light on the rear spoiler. The pass key entry system was to help prevent the amount of Camaro’s stolen. The top speed is 145mph and can go zero to sixty in 6.7 seconds. The 5.7 liter Camaro v8 engine was available with this car and also a convertible top. The history of the Camaro and it’s statistics, manufacturing information, and its origination are probably something most people don’t know. The 1989…

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  • 1960-1989 Political Policy Analysis

    In the time period of 1960-1989 political policy’s drastically changed and conservatism became extremely prominent. Factors that contributed to this change in politics included new social changes like the women’s rights movement, reaction to a large federal government, and the weakness of US foreign policy. During this time period military and foreign policy in the United States were viewed as weak. The Carter administration humiliated America and conservatives wanted to change that. During…

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  • 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre

    June 4, 1989 is a day remembered in numerous parts around the world as a dark and somber tragedy that disregarded the most basic values of freedom and democracy. Yet this event is often viewed in the narrow lens as a failure of an attempt to democratize. Through this lens, the historical contexts and following consequences are severely oversimplified, which results in an inadequate and biased perspective of the event itself. The China today is still shaped and molded by the memories of the…

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  • Japan's Economy From 1972 To 1989

    The economy of Japan grew rapidly in 1972 until 1989. It was known as the Japanese asset price bubble or Bubble Economy, which was represented high economic dominance of Japan. During the Bubble Economy, Japan was considered as rising force in the world of economy. Japan’s economic power was growing high to the point the whole world was paying attention to economy movement of Japan. However, it all went downhill in 1989, when the economic bubble disappeared. Then Japan entered whole era in 1989…

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