1989 Camaro Research Paper

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The 1989 Camaro is a classic and popular car. They have a third brake light on the rear spoiler. The pass key entry system was to help prevent the amount of Camaro’s stolen. The top speed is 145mph and can go zero to sixty in 6.7 seconds. The 5.7 liter Camaro v8 engine was available with this car and also a convertible top. The history of the Camaro and it’s statistics, manufacturing information, and its origination are probably something most people don’t know.

The 1989 Camaro was made and originated in the U.S. It was an ideal sports car, it is rear wheel drive, and has a spark ignition. Its manufactured by Chevrolet in the U.S. The Camaro has a 240 horsepower engine and a weight of 3,086- 3,362 pounds. 145 miles per hour is the top speed for this Camaro with a five gear manual or four speed automatic.
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It can be convertible or just have the hard top. It is a dual exhaust and has a seven poly-joint vs four poly steering. This improves its stiffness and other better angular deflection. There was 110,739 of these Camaros made in

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