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A disk that is ___________ has file data spread across many different sectors.
___________ is a utility that removes many different kinds of unnecessary files from your computer.
Disk Cleanup
In Task Scheduler, a ___________ is an event that causes a task to run.


The ___________ is a database in Windows that stores user preferences, file locations, program configuration settings, startup information, hardware settings, and more.


Microsoft provides regularly scheduled updates to the Windows operating system via the ___________ feature.
Windows Update
___________ delivers updates for Microsoft software in addition to the Windows operating system.
Microsoft Update
___________ describes a wide variety of malicious software, such as viruses and worms, that attack computers.
A ___________ is a collection of updates from Microsoft since the last version of Windows or another Microsoft product was released.
___________ is Microsoft’s free antispyware program.

Windows Defender

___________ enables you to centrally manage the security of client computers and devices in an enterprise.

Windows Forefront Endpoint Protection

Which Windows built-in utility helps you delete unnecessary files from your computer?
a. Disk Defragmenter
b. Disk Cleanup
c. Task Scheduler
d. Registry Editor
Disk Cleanup
Which Windows built-in utility helps improve your computer’s performance by moving sectors of data on the hard disk?
a. Disk Defragmenter
b. Disk Cleanup
c. Task Scheduler
d. Registry Editor
Disk Defragmenter
In Task Scheduler, which command creates a task using a wizard?
a. Create Task
b. Create Scheduled Task
c. Create Task Automatically
d. Create Basic Task
Create Basic Task
In Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials, which of the following scans is not available?
a. Quick
b. Full
c. Partial
d. Custom
Which of the following is not part of the Maintenance section in Action Center?
a. Check for solutions to problem reports
b. Virus protection
c. Backup
d. Check for updates
Check for solutions to problem reports
If Action Center detects a maintenance or security issue that needs your attention, an X is displayed under the flag in the notification area. What color is the flag?
a. Red
b. White
c. Yellow
d. Orange
How often does Disk Defragmenter run by default?
a. Every day
b. Once a week
c. Biweekly
d. Once a month
Once a week
Which program is always updated on Patch Tuesday?
a. Windows Defender
b. Microsoft Security Essentials
c. Malicious Software Removal Tool
d. Windows Firewall
Windows Firewall
If, for example, your computer is infected with MyDoom, which tool should be used to remove it?
a. Malicious Software Removal Tool
b. Windows Firewall
c. Windows Defender
d. Task Scheduler
Malicious Software Removal Tool
Which system does Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection require?
a. Windows Server 2008 R2
b. Windows Server 2008 R2 or later versions
c. System Center Configuration Manager 2007
d. Windows 7
Windows Server 2008 R2 or later versions

Microsoft includes Windows built-in maintenance tools in the Maintenance Tools folder in Accessories.
Disk Cleanup can be run on demand but the utility does not have its own scheduling feature.
Windows Update provides hotfixes and service packs for Windows computers.
Windows Defender can run simultaneously with Microsoft Security Essentials, as a complementary program.
Windows Firewall is enabled automatically in new installations of Windows 7.