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In Task Scheduler, the action taken when the task runs.
Action Center
A Windows feature that provides a single interface in which users can view the status of security and maintenance features. Action Center alerts users to problems they need to correct and usually provides a way to fix it.
Disk Cleanup
A Windows utility that removes many different kinds of unnecessary files from a computer, such as downloaded program files, Temporary Internet files, offline Web pages, files in the Recycle Bin, setup log files, and temporary files left by programs.
Disk Defragmenter
A Windows utility that helps improve a computer’s performance by moving sectors of data on the hard disk, so that files are stored sequentially. This minimizes the movement a hard disk’s arm must make to read all of the sectors that make up a file or program.
On a network, a device associated with a user, such as a desktop, laptop, or a smartphone.
The state of a disk in which portions of files are spread across sectors on different parts of the disk.
A patch that typically fixes a bug in software.
malicious software
Viruses, worms, and other forms of malware that may attack a computer connected to the Internet.
Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection
A combination of antivirus/anti-malware and management software for desktops, laptops, and other client endpoints in a business environment.
Microsoft Security Essentials
A program that helps protect a computer from viruses and other malware.
Microsoft Update
A service that provides service packs, security patches, and other updates for Windows and other Microsoft software. Microsoft Update is an optional replacement for Windows Update.
Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool
A utility that scans a computer for dangerous malware and attempts to remove it immediately.
service pack
A collection of updates and hotfixes for a specific edition of Windows since the product was released.
A sequence of text or code that’s programmed into a virus and uniquely identifies it. Antivirus software uses an anti-malware engine to find viruses and other malware on a computer.
A type of program that installs on your computer without your permission, monitors your computing activities, and reports the activity back to the spyware writer or a third party.
Task Scheduler
A Windows feature that enables users to schedule and automate a variety of actions, such starting programs, displaying messages, and sending e-mails.
In Task Scheduler, an event that causes a task to run.
Windows Defender
A free antispyware program provided by Microsoft.
Windows Firewall
A software program or device that monitors traffic entering and leaving a computer. Windows Firewall comes with Windows 7 and other Windows versions to protect a computer from traffic entering through communications ports.
Windows Registry
A database in Windows that stores user preferences, file locations, program configuration settings, startup information, hardware settings, and more. In addition, the registry stores the associations between file types and the applications that use them.
Windows Update
A service that keeps a Windows system patched and updated is vitally important to maintaining proper security.