Mcafee Company Case Study

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McAfee Company is founded by John McAfee in 1987 and then he resigned the company in 1994. Intel Security Group and TPG Capital (Texas Pacific Group) now own the company. McAfee is an antivirus software that is intended for home users, small business, and big industry. The antivirus helps users protect personal information in computer and mobile devices. For business, McAfee provides the security in web server, emails, and networks; it also prevents the data loss in computer and in cloud server.
There are many different ways that McAfee antivirus uses to detect harmful threats in personal devices like signature based, heuristic based, behavioral based, and sandbox detection. In signature based, McAfee antivirus will check all the EXE file and unknown running file for any sign of virus. It also automatically scan any downloaded executable file because the conflict between programs will be made after installing. Using heuristic based method helps the antivirus detect the new and different forms of
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There are four procedures that McAfee uses to maintain the data include classify, track, protect, and monitor. In classify, McAfee will define the location of the content and its text pattern and then match it to classification rules of the users. Track means that McAfee will keep track of the file by applying a tag to the file. Whenever the file is accessed, McAfee will track the data transformation and keep the tag persistently. In protect procedure, users will create a protection rule on the tagged file that determines who allows to access to the file, document properties, and destination of the file. If the file is accessed illegally, the owner will receive a message and the information of the intrusion, which is called monitor. Through all the steps, the sensitive information will be secure, and data will be

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