Adware And Spyware Case Study

1. Distinguish among the categories of malicious computer code that can be used to invade or attack computers. Evaluate their relative threat and potential for damage. Unit 2. Nothing brings more fear to an individual when learning that a malicious code has been entered in his or her computer. This fear is the same feeling one experience when their credit card is stolen or compromised. The feeling of security quickly diminishes. Just what is a malicious code? Simply put, malicious codes are programs just like any other computer program which performs an explicit action. At times, malicious codes are written for lawful purposes such as advertisements, jokes or messages. Other times, malicious codes are written to be destructive or malicious …show more content…
Adware and spyware are programs that are included in email attachments, downloaded as part of another program or website. The capabilities of adware include adjustments to a computer browser, changing startup pages on the browser, replacing search functions, and generating pop-ups or frames that are difficult to delete or shut down. Spyware are programs that are used by publishers or programmers for marketing purposes which are unknown by the user. Spyware can provide information such as user’s computer hardware, software, browsing habits, and other information. Denial-of-Service and Blended Attacks are two damaging strategies used by individuals that employ malicious codes. A DoS attack is an attempt to make a site or Web site unavailable to its intended users, such as temporarily or indefinitely interrupt or suspend services to the Internet. Multiple bogus requests are sent to the server resulting in overloading the server and preventing legitimate usage (Taylor et al., 2011). A blended attack is an attack that involves a combination of attacks using worms, Trojan horse, virus, and other types of malware. The blended attack utilizes multiple payloads and targets that make up the virus programming (Taylor et al.,

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