Firewall Vs Firewall

Computers have become widespread in the modern world. Almost everyone now owns a computer, unlike the past where only a few people used a computer. Computers have become a necessity due to their increased usage. More threats arise with the widespread usage of the computers and hence they should be protected from the malware attacks to make sure that they are safe and efficient. These malware attacks are caused by a third party trying to access personal data from the computer as people tend to use computers to save their personal information. They mostly emerge from the increased usage of the internet and the web (Skoudis 26).
The usage of computers to save personal information, and business information, increase the urge for hackers to try
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A firewall acts the role of a security guard on your computer. It is the first step to protecting your PC as it blocks unknown programs from entering the computer through the internet. There are two types of firewalls that could be installed in a computer, a software firewall, and a hardware firewall. These two safety nets serve a similar purpose of protecting the PC but in a different way. The software firewall is an application installed so as to perform its task while a hardware firewall is a device connected to the computer. The best type of firewall for a home computer is the software as it is easy to install and use. It is important to always make sure that the firewall is on at all times, especially when using the internet to ensure no entry of unknown …show more content…
This harmful software can be in the form of virus, Trojans, etc. Mostly they affect the speed of the computer, delete important files and create a window for hackers to access important files and personal information. It is important to have antivirus installed in the computer even though it is virus free. This protects the PC from future attacks and damage. Some of the antivirus are built with the ability to update automatically hence making them more efficient in protecting the PC from newly created viruses. This ability of the antivirus safeguards the computer at all times, especially in email protection and blocking

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