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____________ is a feature in Internet Explorer 9 that incorporates search functionality into the Address bar
One Box
A ____________ is an Internet Explorer 9 Web site you “attach” to the Windows 7 taskbar
pinned site
____________ helps prevent personal information and browsing history from being stored by Internet Explorer 9
In Private Browsing
The ____________ detects threats on Web sites, such as phishing attacks and malware downloads, and prevents them from running
Smart Screen Filter
____________ is an accessory program that comes with Windows 7 that allows you to take screen shots, annotate them, and save them
Snipping Tool
____________ is a feature of Internet Explorer 9 that helps you control which Web sites can track your online browsing activity and receive that information
Tracking Protection
After you synchronize files between your computer and a network location, the files you to use on your computer are referred to as ____________
offline files
____________ allows you to set up a computer for remote access and then connect to that computer wherever you may be.
Remote Desktop Connection
An MMC ____________ is a utility provided by Microsoft or a third party that’s accessible through a common interface, such as Administrative Tools
____________ is a command–line interface used mainly by IT professionals to run cmdlets, background jobs, and scripts to perform administrative tasks
Which of the following is not a security or privacy feature of Internet Explorer 9?

a. InPrivate Browsing

b. Pinned site

c. ActiveX Filtering

d. Domain highlighting

Pinned site
Which of the following can you do with the Snipping Tool?

a. Annotate an image with the pen tool

b. Change the color of a captured image

c. Add typed callouts

d. Save in PDF format

Annotate an image with the pen tool
You want to use the Run command, however, the program requires elevated or administrative privileges. When you right–click the program to run it, which command do you select from the shortcut menu?

a. Run elevated

b. Run protected

c. Run with permission

d. Run as administrator

Run as administrator
Which of the following can you do with Windows Media Player 12?

a. Stream video files over the Internet

b. Rip music from a CD

c. Play a slide show

d. Create playlists

Stream video files over the Internet
Where do you configure security zones in Internet Explorer 9?

a. Internet Options Security tab

b. Internet Options Privacy tab

c. Safety menu

d. Tracking Protection window

Internet Options Security tab
You want to run the ps cmdlet. Which utility do you use?

a. MS-DOS command window

b. Windows Remote Assistance

c. Windows PowerShell

d. Computer Management

Windows PowerShell
Which of the following are accessible from the Computer Management window?

a. Event Viewer

b. Performance Monitor

c. Remote Desktop Connection

d. Disk Management

Event Viewer
You want to access your home computer from work to get a file you worked on last night. Which program can you use?

a. Disk Management

b. Remote Desktop Connection

c. Windows Remote Assistance

d. Sync Center

Remote Desktop Connection
Which of the following is an option in Windows Media Center but not in Windows Media Player?

a. Record TV programming

b. Watch recorded TV

c. Share fi les over a networkd. Create playlists

Record TV programming
Where can you find the program to help you use a projector connected to your computer?

a. The All Programs Accessories folder

b. Computer Management console

c. Administrative Tools folder

d. Windows Media Player

The All Programs Accessories folder
You can click and drag a Web site’s thumbnail that appears on the Internet Explorer 9 New Tab page to the taskbar to pin it
Remote Desktop Connection and Windows Remote Assistance are the same program used in different ways
Windows Remote Assistance sessions are encrypted for safety
Remote Desktop comes with all editions of Windows 7; however, you can only connect to computers running the Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise editions
Windows Mobility Center includes access to power plans and screen brightness