LAN Is A Computer Network

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Computer networks
LAN – Is a Local Area Network which is a computer network that covers a small area which is sometimes a single room, an office building or a group of buildings. A local area network can be connected with others over a distance for example a telephone line, a radio or a mobile phone call, as a LAN is a network that covers the geographic distance that also involves internet links. A system of LANs that are all connected together is called a WAN, which is a wide area network.
WAN – is a Wide Area network, this is when a computer network that is connected in a large geographical area is known as a WAN, which is when two or more LANs are connected together. These are through
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Therefore some alarm systems like intrusion alarms contain acoustic waves that frequencies above the range of human hearing which are called classified wireless.
Network topologies – this is an arrangement of different elements such as nodes and links in a computer network and this can be represented physically or logically. Physical topology is where various components of a network is placed this includes the location of the device and the cable installation, however logical topology shows how the data flows in a network no matter what the physical design is.
Star network – this is a local area network in where all nodes are connected to a central computer directly and workshops are connected with each other in order to be connected to the star through an in directional way, allowing the central computer to act as a
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A terminator is a device that ensures the termination of signals in order to prevent them from reflecting back down the line. This is an arrangement of LAN in where every node is connected to a main cable called the bus.
Tree ( or hierarchical) – this is a tree-like structure in where files are directed in and the computer memory hierarchy ranks them in the terms of response time, their processor, register and their backup. The data that is stored are connected to each other through links that all contain a single value.
Ring - this is a network topology that connects to two other nodes which form a single pathway for signals trough each node making a ring, the data travels from the node handling each packet it crosses, this is unidirectional and can travel clockwise or anticlockwise around the ring, because a unidirectional ring topology can provide one path between the two

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