Skillquest Services Case Study

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SkillQuest Services provides a wide variety of interesting and challenging activities all day for our participants. It is our mission to create and develop a variety of interesting and creative activities to meet socialization and therapeutic recreational needs of all our participants at every level. Technology is personalized learning also narrows the digital divide between students and promotes responsible use of today’s ever changing technologies.

I. Acceptable use of iPads
1.0 Purpose:
Providing participants at SkillQuest Services (SQS) with access to an iPad provides an opportunity to enhance each participant’s overall experience.

2.0 General Use:
The iPad screen is made of glass and therefore is subject to cracking and
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5.2 Maintenance and updates of apps will occur every Friday
5.3 No apps can be downloaded without the consent Lab Staff.
5.4 Preloaded apps may not be deleted and they must be updated periodically.

6.0 Internet Usage
6.1 WE ARE CONNECTED TO THE CITY 'S NETWORK: Which means that all City Employees are using their computers at the same time; leaving items “streaming" from the Web slows all of our computers at SQS, as well as throughout the City.
A. Bandwidth: a measure of available or consumed data communication resources, which is usually measured in bits per second. Each iPad, when connected to the network, uses some of the Bandwidth. Bandwidth is not unlimited. The more iPads/Computers/Phones connected to it, the less bandwidth there is resulting in extremely slow or NO internet access.

7.0 Camera
Staff must use good judgment and follow the predefined SQS rules of conduct when using the camera. Staff agrees that the camera will not be used to take inappropriate, illicit or sexually explicit photographs or videos, nor will it be used to embarrass anyone in any way.

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9.0 Monitoring
The iPad will be subject to routine monitoring by technology staff. iPads are not permitted to be used without management software installed.
Management software will not be removed from any iPad without permission from Learning Lab staff. The SQS Technology Department will periodically monitor iPad wireless activity. If the acceptable use policy is violated, the iPad may be remotely locked down, wiped, and/or confiscated, and further use may be restricted.

10.0 Illegal Use
10.1 Malicious Use/Vandalism: Any attempt to destroy hardware, software or data will be subject to disciplinary action.
10.2 Privacy: Network and Internet access is provided as a tool for your education. SkillQuest Services reserves the right to monitor, inspect, copy, review and store at any time and without prior notice any and all usage of the computer network and Internet access and any and all information transmitted or received in connection with such usage. All such information shall be the property of SkillQuest Services and no user shall have any expectation of privacy regarding such

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