Technology Framework Design : Digital Edge Manufacturing Network Infrastructure Plan

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Technology Framework Design
In this section, we combine the user domain needs described in Part 1 of this proposal, the physical framework requirements described in Part 2, and the technology selections described in Part 3 to create the final Digital Edge Manufacturing network infrastructure proposal.
Choosing the Cabling Used in the Network
We considered infrastructure costs, speed, and reliability for cabling and adaptors. Our network employed hybrid type of network sine we use Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi and fiber optic as our media.
Ethernet Technology
The Ethernet technology was mostly used in the LAN because;
1. We used Ethernet speed of 10mbps for areas in the LAN that required higher bandwidth
2. Our campus network model supports dual links between each distribution layer routers and case switches. We are there able to load balance the aggregate traffic from multiple access switches across the links.
3. Giganet Ethernet will be used between switches but Fiber will be used between backbone switches.
In this network, we used straight- through cabling to link the following devices
1. Switch to router
2. Switch to PC or server
3. Hub to PC or server.
Cross-over technology was used to connect these devices
1. Switch to hub
2. Hub to hub
3. Router to router
4. Pc to pc.
Wi-Fi Technology
This was used to connect the electronic devices used in the network using the 2.4-gigahertz. Our Wi-Fi network is based on the IEEE 802.11 b/g standards, which is the most commonly used

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