M-Global Executive Summary

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INTRODUCTORY SUMMARY The internet of things is a global infrastructure for technology, enabling services by connecting things based on existing and evolving information and communication (Brown, 2015). After checking useful websites and reviewing books and articles, I recommend M-Global should include a new department for internet of things. The department will conveniently manage our technological connections as well as improve communication with other companies and government agency’s equipment. This report highlights advantages and disadvantages of the new department, costs, and facts about the current and future of the internet of things.

USAGES The five main usages of internet of things would be the following: Optical Tags and Quick
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Wi-fi provides long range allowing multiple devices to connect to its network. It is also a secure and reliable infrastructure that has lasted for sixteen years so far (Malik, 2015). M-Global requires wifi in order for the company to function and communicate with employees as well as clients. The internet of things department could manage our wifi routers as well as the bills that come with it. This would help us divide our labor efficiently by category instead of having the financial department manage all our finances. The primary disadvantage of wi-fi comes with its cost, since it battery powered and the company needs to pay fees charged by a carrier. Despite the main disadvantage, wi-fi is essential for every company if they would like to connect with clients or other …show more content…
Employees will need to ensure clients their information is safe when connecting to our new technology. M-Global must also employ security tactics to ensure our company’s confidential information is not in danger. In addition, M-Global must ensure that no one else is reading the sensor data, so technologies like NFC, RFID, as well as Li-Fi can prevent the spread of private information from being leaked because the devices must be in the same room as the technology in order to connect. There will always be the issue of security as new technology is created, but employing good security practices will prevent potential

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