CSE 543: Individual Report

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Implications of IoT in Health-care Data Security

CSE 543 – Individual Report
Nishtha Punjabi
Computer Science (MCS),
Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering
Arizona State University,
Tempe, AZ, United States npunjab1@asu.edu Abstract— As society increasingly relies on digitally stored and accessed information, traditional information security technologies, policies, management and practices are found more and more limited in satisfying the security and assurance needs of modern information systems and applications. Incorporating new technology into the healthcare organization’s processes is risky because of the potential for patient information being disclosed. The Internet of things (IoT) is the inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles
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All of the data doesn't require security of the highest level, due to confidentiality of healthcare data it requires highest level of information assurance and security. we have talked about that IOT in health care industry, provides options to enable remote monitoring, early prevention, and medical treatment. Encrypting information to make it secure in is difficult in field of medical IOT, since the sensor devices that collect, transfer and store medical data are not high-powered computing systems that can encrypt and decrypt medical data at ease. Difficulty in encrypting sensor data has opened up a door for hackers at various levels of data transmission. In the the report we have analyzed privacy and security issues for these IOT applications. Paper also talks about various regulations such as HIPAA which already are in place to prevent data breach due to IOT devices. Apart from technical difficulties in sensors to secure healthcare data, there are also certain loopholes in the standards like HIPAA that are designed to protect healthcare data. It also talks about how these regulations can be improved and identifies ways to enforce these regulations on IOT device …show more content…
We have done detail analysis of each and every entity in our report. The defense against attacks can occur only when the attack is known so that preventive measures can be put into motion. We have involved all the countermeasures White hat can use to prevent attack against Black hat. Recent anthem data breach affected 80 million individuals received multi-day coverage, sending shockwaves through the nervous public. This breach highlights the growing threat healthcare industry is facing. Damage done by these frauds could be life threatening to victim if erroneous information adulterate their personal healthcare records. It was hoped that 2009 Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical health(HITECH) act would push the healthcare industry towards better security practices and will reduce breaches. HITECH'S breach reporting rules reduce information asymmetry by giving

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