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There are two types of disks that are recognized by Windows 7:________ and ________.
Basic and Dynamic
When creating spanned, striped, or mirrored volumes, you must allow for a ________ disk.
Spanned volumes are also referred to as ________ because the space on the first disk must be filled before data will be stored on the second and subsequent disks.
Fill and Spill
Spanned and ________ volumes must contain at least 2 disks and may contain up to 32.

________ volume may only contain two disks.
When viewing your disks in the ________ snap-in you can easily tell the different types of volumes based on the color of the stripe over the volume.
Disk Management
From within a Windows ________ you can pause printing, cancel all documents, and resume, or restart a document.
Printer Queue
You can determine the version of files that a device driver installs and their complete paths by using ________.
Device Manager
________ is a part of the Windows Live Essentials suite and enables you to keep data synchronized between computers and some mobile devices.
Live Mesh
Which of the following can you create on a dynamic drive? (Choose all that apply.)
a. Striped partition
b. Striped volume
c. Simple volume
d. Spanned volume
e. Mirrored partitions
f. Striped partitions

Striped Volume
Simple Volume

Spanned Volume

Which Microsoft cloud storage solution requires software to be installed on the client computer?
a. Windows Live SkyDrive
b. Windows Live Mesh
c. OneNote to SkyDrive
d. Hotmail
OneNote to SkyDrive
After creating a document on Windows Live SkyDrive, which of the following is the easiest way to let someone know a new document is available?
a. Call them on the phone and tell them, leave a message if not there
b. Send them a document with the link embedded
c. Share the document or folder
d. Sync your computer with their computer
Share the document or folder
Which of the following is a feature that Windows Live Mesh offers that Windows SkyDrive does not?
a. The ability to sign in using your Live Windows Logon ID
b. 200 GB of free space
c. Remote control of another machine
d. The ability to share folders and documents with others
Remote control of another machine
Which of the following is not a quick-start icon in Windows Live SkyDrive?
a. Word
b. Excel
c. Outloook
d. OneNote
Which of the following is used to quickly determine if a device had a bad device driver?
a. Disk Manager
b. Device Manager
c. Driver Manager
d. Control Panel
Device Manager
Which of the following can you synchronize using Windows Live Mesh? (Choose all that apply.)
a. Folders on different computers
b. Files on cell phones
c. Internet Explorer favorites
d. Microsoft Office settings
All of the above
Which of the following requires its own power connector?
a. eSATA
b. USB
c. FireWire
d. USB 2.0
Which of the following stores an exact copy of data from the first member of the volume to the second member?
a. Simple
b. Spanned
c. Striped
d. Mirrored
Which of the following tasks can be completed with Device Manager?
a. Update a driver’s software
b. Disable a driver
c. Uninstall a driver
d. Change a device’s hardware ID
e. Scan for hardware changes

Update a driver’s software
Disable a driver
Uninstall a driver
Scan for hardware changes
Windows Live Mesh allows you to remote control machines that do not have the Windows Live Mesh software installed.
After you have created volumes and users have stored data on those volumes, you can easily change your partition style from MBR to GPT and back again with no difficulties.
When you add a new disk to a computer and open the Disk Management utility, you are automatically prompted to initialize the disk.


A GPT partition style is used for larger hard drives of up to 9.4 zeta bytes.
When creating mirrored volumes, you can use more disk space from one disk than the other.

The ________ storage device type is used to transfer data over local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and even the Internet.