Importance Of Internet Safety For Students

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Internet Safety for Elementary Students
Internet safety has always been a concern for teachers, parents, and students. Mainly because, there is always the question if the internet is being used correctly. Internet use is secured at school but what about at home. At school there are certain sites that can be used and approved while others are blocked and cannot be used. Children are becoming more familiar with the technology being used today. Within the future, technology will advance, and children are becoming more familiar with it. Though there are many new types of technology coming out and becoming more advanced. Children need to learn and be taught how to use the internet safely. Both teachers and parents, can work together to help children,
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Whether parents are worrying about their children using the internet correctly at school. Whether their children are too young to start using the internet at school. Also teachers are always worried about their students using the internet at home. The internet can be used in many ways, as in, researching a topic, doing a quiz, or just an online activity. Though using the internet in the class can be beneficial both to the students and teacher. When working on activities in class together or just going through notes. The internet is used to help students learn as much as they can. Though teachers and parents need to make sure children are using it incorrectly or see something inappropriate they are not suppose …show more content…
For example in a classroom where a teacher knows about technology, he/she will be more interactive and introduce internet safety in his/her classroom. “Teachers with higher technological backgrounds seemed to know better the Internet hazards and considered themselves more efficient to promote internet safety issues in class (75). With that being said, teachers that know more about technology know more and feel more confident about helping students learn. The amount of knowledge that children have and continue to add to helps them know more about technology. Since they know more about technology they will be able to learn about internet safety and being able to identify when the internet in not being used correctly. “Teachers with higher technological abilities were also better informed about the possible risks that elementary pupils might face on the web and they avoided less to make discussions with students about the possible internet risks rather than their low technically skilled

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