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A ___________ is a collection of security settings that’s appropriate for the type of network you want to connect to.

Network Location

Each default library in Windows 7 has ___________, created to easily share documents, music, and so on with network users.

Public Folders

___________ allows you to share a file or folder with a specific user and restrict the user to Read or Read/Write actions.

Basic Sharing

After you set permissions on a parent folder, new files and subfolders that are created in the folder ___________ these permissions.


___________ permissions apply to users who log on locally or by using Remote Desktop.


A Windows 7 ___________ walks you through a series of questions, much like a live technician would, to help you resolve printer and other issues.


___________ allows you to share files, folders, or an entire drive, set permissions on shared files and folders (Read, Change, or Full Control), and more.

Advanced Sharing

___________ is the built-in file and printer sharing feature in Windows 7 that’s designed for small office/home office networks.


A ___________ is a small software program that prepares application data to print to a specific printer.

Printer Driver

___________permissions for an object, such as a folder, are permissions granted to a user or group based on the permissions granted through group membership and any permissions inherited from the parent object.


Which of the following is not a network location in Windows 7?
a. Home
b. Office
c. Work
d. Public
When your peer-to-peer network has a mix of Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP computers, which of the following should be used for file sharing?
a. Public folders
b. HomeGroup
c. A workgroup
d. A domain

A workgroup

What can be done with a homegroup? (Choose all that apply.)
a. Share libraries
b. Share attached printers
c. Allow users to view but not modify or copy shared files
d. Choose which folders users may access

Share libraries

Share attached printers

Choose which folders users may access

Once you share a folder on your Windows 7 computer with other users, which of the following can be done to make it easy for those users to get to the shared folder?
a. Create a workgroup
b. Create effective permissions
c. Create NTFS permissions
d. Map a drive

Map a drive

Regarding NTFS permissions, which of the following is not true?
a. Copied files and folders inherit permissions of the destination folder
b. Copied files and folders retain permissions of the source folder
c. Files and folders moved within the same partition retain their permissions
d. Files and folders moved to a different partition inherit the permissions of the destination folder

Copied files and folders retain permissions of the source folder

Which of the following Windows 7 permissions allows users to view and change files and folders, create new files and folders, and run programs in a folder?
a. Write
b. Modify
c. Read and execute
d. Full control

Full control

Which of the following Public folders is not created by default?
a. Public Documents
b. Public Music
c. Public Pictures
d. Public Projects

Public Projects

Which Windows 7 feature is used to turn Public folders on or off?
a. Advanced sharing settings
b. The Computer window
c. Network and Sharing window
d. Devices and Printers window

Advanced sharing settings

Which Windows 7 feature is used to add a printer?
a. Devices and Printers
b. Device Manager
c. Printer troubleshooter
d. Programs and Features

Devices and Printers

What is used to view a printer’s driver information?
a. Printer troubleshooter
b. Printer server properties menu in Devices and Printers
c. Printer’s Properties dialog box, Sharing tab
d. Printer’s Properties dialog box, Drivers tab
You can join two or more homegroups at a time.
When creating a homegroup, you can share libraries but not printers.
Public folder sharing in Windows 7 is turned off by default (except on a homegroup).


Share permissions apply to users who connect to a shared folder over a network.


Windows Update checks for new drivers for many devices and installs them during regular updates.