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A ____________is a collection of information that defines the actions you can take on a computer and wich files and folders you can access.

User Account

The ____________ account type is best for everyday use.

Standard User

The ____________ interface, which is the basis for the default theme in Windows 7, includes translucent borders and animations


To configure accessibility options, open the ____________.

Ease of Access Center

To minimize all open windows at once, click the ____________ button.

Show Desktop

____________ includes several applets, including System and Security, Programs, and User Accounts and Family Safety.

Control Panel

Use ____________ to troubleshoot and resolve computer problems, and to keep your system running optimally.

Administrative tools

The Windows 7____________window allows you to configure several display-related settings, such as choice of monitors or content orientation (landscape or portrait).

Screen Resolution

____________ is a free download for Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate versions that supports legacy applications inside a virtual Windows XP machine running on Windows 7.

Windows XP Mode

____________ allows applications to run without being installed on desktop systems.

(App-V) Microsoft Application Virtualization

Wich of the following is not an account type in Windows 7?

a. Guest
b. Limited user

c. Standard user

d. Administrator

(B) Limited User

Which of the following can you perform in the Manage Accounts window? (Choose all that apply.)

a. Change the account type

b. Create a password

c. Delete the account

d. Set up Parental Controls


Which of the following actions is most likely to trigger a User Account Control dialog box?

a. Uninstalling a program

b. Creating a shortcut

c. Changing resolution

d. Adding a gadget

(A) Uninstalling a program

Where can you directly access Event Viewer?

a. Gadgets window

b. Programs applet in Control Panel

c. Administrative Tools

d. User Account Control dialog box

(C) Administrative Tools

Which of the following is not a UAC notification level?

a. Always notify me

b. Notify me only when users try to access my files

c. Notify me only when programs try to make changes to my computer

d. Never notify me of installations or changes

B (Notify me only when users try to access my files)

Which Aero feature allows you to quickly minimize all open windows except the active one?

a. Shake

b. Snap

c. Peek

d. Show Desktop

(A) Shake

Which of the following settings is not configurable from the Screen Resolution window?

a. Orientation

b. Font size

c. Display

d. Windows theme

(D) Windows Theme

Which of the following allows you to manage programs that run when Windows starts or when you log on?

a. Task Scheduler

b. Performance Monitor

c. Programs applet in Control Panel

d. System Configuration

D (System Configuration)

Which versions of Windows 7 support Windows XP Mode? (Choose all that apply.)

a. Starter

b. Home Premium

c. Professional

d. Ultimate

e. Enterprise

C D E (Professional, Ultimate & Enterprise)

Which of the following correctly explains the abbreviation VHD?

a. Variable Hex Determinant

b. Virtual Home Directory

c. Virtual Hard Disk

d. Virtual Hard Drive

C (Virtual Hard Disk)

A User Account Control dialog box displays when you open yourdata files.


You cannot change the desktop resolution setting because it’s afixed value.


Deleting a shortcut does not delete the resource it represents.


A user account and a user profile are the same thing.


Med-V delivers centrally managed virtual machines to authorizedend users.