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An ___________ is a program that runs “on top” of the operating system and helps a
user perform a specific task, such as word processing, appointment scheduling, or accounting.


___________ is a collection of settings (policies) stored in Active Directory on a
Windows network.

Group Policy

Windows uses ___________ to handle requests for print spooling, file indexing, task
scheduling, the Windows Firewall, and much more.


___________ allows you to enable or disable startup services, set boot options such
as booting into Safe Mode, access tools like Action Center and Event Viewer, and more.

System Configuration

Most Windows Vista and Windows 7 users use the file system ___________ because
it supports larger disks than FAT32 or FAT.


Using Group Policy, you can ___________(or publish) an application to all users or
computers in a designated group.


In Windows 7, a ___________ is a virtual folder that can display content from different
locations (folders, for example) on your computer or an external drive.

Distrubuted File System (DFS)

Windows uses ___________ to allow users to encrypt information on hard disks,
external flash disks, CDs, DVDs, backup tapes, and other types of physical media.

Encryptilng File System (EFS)

___________ is the process of decreasing the size of files or folders without affecting the files’ content.


___________ encrypts an entire drive, rather than individual files and folders on a disk.


Which of the following can you do in the Programs and Features applet in Control Panel?
a. Install an application
b. Uninstall an application
c. Encrypt an application’s files
d. Compress an application’s files

Uninstall an application

Which of the following can you perform using Group Policy? (Choose all that apply.)
a. Restrict user access to an application
b. Encrypt a user’s files
c. Update an application
d. Install applications from a network location

Restrict user access to an application, Update an application, Install Applications from a network location, encrypt a users files

Which of the following do you access to enter Safe Mode the next time the computer starts?
a. The General tab
b. The Boot tab
c. The Startup tab
d. Services console

The Boot Tab

You are in the System Configuration utility and want to run Performance Monitor.
Which tab do you select to start Performance Monitor?
a. General
b. Startup
c. Services
d. Tools


What is the maximum disk size NTFS can handle?
a. 32 GB
b. 256 GB
c. 32 TB
d. 256 TB

256 TB

6. Which of the following are default libraries in Windows 7? (Choose all that apply.)
a. Documents
b. Photos
c. Audio
d. Videos

Documents, Videos

Which of the following settings is not configurable from the Screen Resolution window?
a. Orientation
b. Font color
c. Display
d. Windows theme

Windows Theme

Where are EFS certificates stored?
a. EFS Certificate database
b. Windows Certificate database
c. Certificate library
d. Documents library

Windows Certificate Database

After you compress a folder, in what color does it display in Windows Explorer?
a. Blue
b. Green
c. Black
d. Red


BitLocker can use a chip, found on some computers, to protect BitLocker encryption
keys. What is the name of the chip?
a. Trusted Platform Module
b. Trusted Protection Module
c. Encryption Platform Module
d. Trusted Hard Drive Module

Trusted Platform Module

Use Programs and Features to install applications in Windows 7.


Objects in Active Directory are linked to Group Policy objects (GPOs).


A Windows 7 system can have more than 100 services running at any one time.


Use the Tools tab in System Configuration to enable or disable services.


EFS and BitLocker Drive Encryption are the same thing.