The Dangers Of Computer Security

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As the world of technology advances and new technology comes out. Individuals need to know of the risks and the threats that are out there. Computers are a great piece to have with you, but you can’t become ignorant in the world of the internet. Individuals will be using the internet to check out different websites, do their shopping online, and some will be doing their banking online.
As I have mention in my research paper and in my presentation, computer security is something individuals need basic knowledge. I have talked about the following items and why they are important for every individual to use. I have talked about anti-virus programs because they are a necessary for individuals. Weekly or monthly scans are required due to the fact,
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They tend to completely destroy your Operating System and you can’t recover anything from them. These types of programs are created to make steal your information and destroy your computer at the same time. Getting anti-malware software that does real-time protection is the way to go. You will be able to protect your computer when you navigate the web and if malware tries to infect your computer, the software will catch it and remove it from your …show more content…
It is best to have a long strong password that contains the items that were mention above. You will need these items because the hard your password and the longer it is, the better your chances are to prevent others to break into your things. You can also go for the things such as having a two-step verification set up. This way if someone is able to break into your account the second layer of defense will be there to prevent them from getting into your account.
Using the knowledge that I found in my research, there are different kinds of free software out there for the end users. I was able to install them into different computer systems and see how they function and find which one is the best in each of the categories. The categories that I cover weren’t very confusing I hope. I also went over all of the items and the software that is free for the students to use and protect themselves. I don’t want them to fall and become victims to those who are there to take their valuable information away from

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