Job Satisfaction Essay

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This research was conducted to assess the relationship between selected demographics, job mastery, and job satisfaction. A total 6,902 participants were gathered from the telephone and Internet provider BellSouth. A significant relationship was found between age and job satisfaction. Job satisfaction was also significantly correlated with years spent with the company. Significant differences were found between gender and job satisfaction, as well as level of education and job satisfaction. These findings suggest that as age and years spent with the company increase job satisfaction also increases and job satisfaction may depend upon the level of education of the employee.

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This is also supported by similar findings by Scott and fellow researchers. In addition, the researchers’ found that job satisfaction was not correlated with the marital status, or education level (Scott et al., 2005). One aspect that has lacked evaluation by present researchers is the relationship between mastery and job satisfaction. Previous research has evaluated mastery and its relationship to various elements possibly associated with job satisfaction such as job control and job demand (Bradley, 2010). However, previous researchers have overlooked the importance of mastery’s relationship with job satisfaction. One possible reason why researchers have failed to evaluate this relationship in previous research was the lack of an appropriate operational definition. The previously mentioned study compared mastery to constructs such as self-efficacy and internal locus of control (Bradley, 2010). However, according to the Careers Mastery Inventory, job mastery has also been defined by such constructs such as getting the job done and learning the ropes (Crites, 1990). Previous research, using such operational definitions, has found a negative correlation between problems with job mastery and job satisfaction (Roessler & Rumrill Jr, 1995). Therefore, the significance of the relationship may depend highly upon the way mastery is defined by the researchers’.
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