Extrinsic Motivation In The Workplace

Motivation and Emotion Research Paper

This research assignment is based on how motivation plays a role when searching for a job. This can apply to most people my age who are nearing the time when they will be on the hunt for jobs that are both rewarding extrinsically and intrinsically.

Study 1
In Baay, van Aken, van der Lippe, and de Ridder (2014), a cohort of students is studied as they finish their education and enter the work force in the Netherlands. The students in the study were ending vocational school and were tracked over the next 3 years as they entered their working life. The students were chosen based on a questionnaire given during their final year in vocational school. The questionnaire asked whether the students had plans to
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H., Halvari, H., Forest, J., & Deci, E. L. (2015), it is looked at how intrinsic and extrinsic motivation are used in a company to get employees to obtain the company goals. In particular, this study goes into how extrinsic motivation, such as pay, is used by companies to meet goals or needs. But even though they are being rewarded by extrinsic motivation, the employees may not be producing their peak performance if they do not receive a form of intrinsic motivation. The participants of this study were workers at a banking company that received that measured pay, justice, work environments, and intrinsic motivation. The use of justice was to determine if an individual felt like they were getting paid appropriately for the work they were performing.
The results of the experiment showed that of the 8 hypotheses that were that were conceived, one was rejected and another was only partially supported. The amount of pay was not related to intrinsic motivation, but the procedures used to determining the amount of pay (justice) was more significantly important to intrinsic motivation. The final conclusion made in this study is that pay is not as big a driving factor in intrinsic motivation as was thought at the beginning of the
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I see the reasoning in Millennials switching jobs, leaving federal jobs, and being more driven for extrinsic motivation in a career.
Study 5
The study done by Verbruggen, De Cooman, and Vansteenkiste (2015), discusses the importance of within company job change. There are two viewpoints on this topic that are inverses of each other. The first is that changing jobs within a company helps job retention and increases employee happiness. The second theory is the inverse, that changing jobs with in a company can induce stress and result in the loss of more employees. Verbruggen et al. (2015) believe that the internal job change can be a big motivator for employees as it can be seen as advantages for the employees themselves.
To test the topic, a survey was used to determine how transitions within a company affect need satisfaction and employee turnover. The results yielded that transitions in the company keep workers satisfied and decrease employee turnover, but only if the transition is challenging rather than hindering. This can be seen to help the argument that transitions in the company can be very beneficial to everyone involved, as long as the transition is not a hindrance to the

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