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Motivation and Emotion Research Paper

This research assignment is based on how motivation plays a role when searching for a job. This can apply to most people my age who are nearing the time when they will be on the hunt for jobs that are both rewarding extrinsically and intrinsically.

Study 1
In Baay, van Aken, van der Lippe, and de Ridder (2014), a cohort of students is studied as they finish their education and enter the work force in the Netherlands. The students in the study were ending vocational school and were tracked over the next 3 years as they entered their working life. The students were chosen based on a questionnaire given during their final year in vocational school. The questionnaire asked whether the students had plans to
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They speculated that motivation and self-control can go hand-in-hand as to how an individual will seek a job. The sample used in this study was from the previous study done by Baay with students from vocational education entering the work force. In this study, Baay et al. (2014), used a Self-Control Scale to measure self-control while two Self-Regulation Questionnaires were given to measure intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.
Once the data had been collected, the results of the test show that self-control is a factor when the participants were preparing and actively searching for work. In regards to motivation and self-control, the findings state that there is no significant effect between motivation and self-control when it comes to job searching behavior. There is only a marginal significance when comparing intrinsic motivation to self-control. These findings show that self-control is independent of motivation when in relation to job search behavior.
When reviewing this study, it appears that being more intrinsically motivated will be more beneficial in job searching. Also, having the self-control to keep at my job search will be useful as
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The study focuses on the fact that Millennial’s are more likely to change careers rather than staying with just one, and it is unlikely that the career they choose is government related. The jobs in government are in direct contrast to what Millennial’s want in a job, such as confined work areas (less room for growth or promotion) and more intrinsically motivated. Millennials prefer to be motivated by the extrinsic factors, mainly pay. The study predicts that Millennial federal employees will leave their federal jobs more often than older generations in government.
Ertas used a survey to determine the turnover intentions of Millennials compared to older generations. In the results, Ertas found that Millennials were more likely to leave government jobs than older generations, but were also more likely to switch to a different federal job than older generations. This shows that Millennials are more fluid in career searching compared to the older generations that will stick with a job and are more content with a federal career. However Millennials will enter the federal job market and are more likely to change jobs within the government than older generations who would only hold one position and be done.
This study can apply to my job career in the near future as I identify as a Millennial. I see the reasoning in Millennials switching jobs, leaving federal jobs, and being

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