Why Do People Quit Jobs

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Before, job mobility wasn 't given much consideration because of benefits are given such as sick days or paid trips. While as today, there aren 't as many benefits. Jobs were mainly about money and being able to support your family. Today, a work environment is also a friendly environment. There are three main causes why people quit jobs in current time because of managers, pay, and flexible schedules.
A cause of why employees quit their job is inhospitable managers. When looking for a new job, employers seek for a pleasant, welcoming environment and healthy relationships to work around. Job mobility, with numerous and similar opportunities, makes it easier to look for these determinants. For instance, at my first job as a waitress, my manager was unfair but only to me. She would complain about
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That 's where I drew the line. There was no reason to not keep me from quitting. Within less than three months of searching, I found a new job and will continue to work there because of the suitable environment. My personal experience is similar, hopefully to a lesser degree that causes the effects of millennial 's quitting. The increase of unreliable workers results in businesses seeking alternative and advancement methods to produce reliable work, and less work experience which does not benefit our economy. For instance, the idea of replacing people with machines arises and brings profit to owners or businesses. This is because there is no need to pay employees, add benefits and fit each person 's needs and satisfaction. Machines are reliable and loyal and there is no need to worry about employees quitting. Another effect of managers being wrongful is there isn 't much work experience since millennial 's stick around for a couple or six months. The lack of experience on a resume results in the unemployed taking longer to find a new job. According to CNBC, “The greatest concentration of

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