Perfect Pottery's Case Study

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Human Resources Review: Perfect Pottery’s
This report will be talking about the problems faced at Perfect Pottery’s and how the issues were dealt with. The business is located in the UK and had over 1,600 workers. However, in 2015 the company was bought by American Private Equity firm HBGC. There was many problems that became apparent. Some of them were able to come together, but others did not have many solutions. The problems being addressed are from the human resources department. These problems were based off of statistical information from the last 3 years. These issues were apparent because they kept increasing. Main issues include people not enjoying their jobs so they aren’t showing up at all. Along with the amount of work people
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It is effecting the employees because they are not enjoying their jobs. It is mostly effecting the employers and Perfect Pottery because if the employees don’t care about the job, they will start to slack off and that can lead to defective items, absenteeism, and/or no respect.
The answer to this matter could be many different ideas. In order for the morale rate to go back up, employers could investigate in a higher pay for the workers. The employers could also make sure that the workers have more say the business when it comes to ideas and opinions. This way the employees may appreciate their job more.
Advantages to the employees would be them liking their job more and possibly them getting a raise or higher pay. However, disadvantages could be include the employees still might not be happy with their jobs. Benefits for the employers would be more respect and admiration, and possibly less defective items and hopefully a lot more respect. Cons would contain the company paying higher for the employees’
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The people at Perfect Pottery are worried about being fired because so many others were already fired when the robots came in. They think that eventually the robots will take over all the other jobs. This concern effects the employees and the employers. It effects the employees because they are so scared of being fired. They think that the robots who took over so many jobs will take over their jobs too. It effects the employers because if the employees are anxious about being laid off then they could possibly sabotage the robots so more people will have jobs. The reason that effects the business and employers is because it could cause many other problems like losing respect. To help guarantee that employees are okay with the situation, encourage their work and that if they do what their supposed to do, they won’t get fired. You could also ensure them that if they do happen to get fired then they will get the whole years pay still. As well, instead of firing that many people, do more layoffs and cut down their work time, instead of full out firing them. You could also make sure that the business is not under an at will employment, which means that an employer can fire the employee for absolutely no reason. Doing this it would help pledge that in order to be fired, there must be a good

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