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Gun Control Guns control is a topic that is very misunderstood. Guns, more often than not, get a negative association of death. The majority of the media only focuses on the negatives of guns. The only thing one hears concerning guns is about murder and mass killings. The positives of having guns accessible are many times completely overlooked. This paper compares how the benefits of having guns completely prevails over the claimed benefits of gun control policy.
Citizen Protection There are roughly over 5,000,000 violent crimes committed every year. Around 8% of these crimes are committed with a visible weapon (Agersti & Smith, 2013). The majority of crimes that are committed with guns though involve illicit guns. The crimes
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Culturally Coded Although basically impossible many people still believe that if guns could be completely done away with that murder rates would fall dramatically (Sisters, 2002). Suzette Grillot states that cultural norms “alter perceptions of appropriate behavior” (Grillot, 2011 p. 535) She states that this is especially eminent in mentalities toward small arms. Don Kates and Gary Mauser take it even further from the studies they conducted. They state that murder is going to happen regardless of the weapon. Kates and Mauser concluded the results of their overall studies this way:
It was not the presence of the rifle that provoked the homicide: Murderous technology is available everywhere, in every kitchen and every garage; an axe or a knife, a bottle or a car would have accomplished the same end. It is the will to use that technology that is culturally coded... this is what shapes the number of homicidal assaults in a nation. (Kates & Mauser, 2007)
Kates and Mauser did multiple studies based on murder rates for foreign countries. They first looked at how murder rates corresponded with the number of guns. The murder rates were very skewed and no major correlation for the counties was found (Kates & Mauser, 2007). Although in their second study they did to see if the murder rate corresponded with handgun bans there was a direct correlation. Countries that banned handguns had a murder rate that ranged roughly five to ten times higher than countries that

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