Writing An Effective Argument Paper

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When I think about the thinking’s and writings I did this semester, I feel that I didn’t put much effort and I could have done much better. Overall, I Think I did pretty well following the paragraph formats, which have been at the most helpful when writing, but at times, I fail to pay close attention to what I write when editing, which causes my paper to contradict itself. And the biggest of all, I tend to neglect going back to recheck at times with the rough drafts to subtract the biggest errors that I may have made! This is one of the main things that I have to focus on in order to better myself when writing papers. However, more than just a chance to reflect on what I’ve done this semester, one of the skills I have learned from this class that I feel I can use in my future career as a student or as a professional is the formula to writing an effective argument paper. Everything, from the strategies and paragraph formulas, was all there to help better my writing. With it now I can write a paper that seems organized and more effective.
Before I came to know this formula, I had always had problems writing papers that seemed organized, effective and proved what the argument was about. Now that I have seem to get a good grip of it, it will now serve me great purposes as a student in my future career. The field of nursing requires a great deal of swift, accurate writing. As a Nurse, I will need to know how to fill out reports and charts correctly and completely, and record my…

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