Errors In Teen Influences

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It’s hard to admit that the writing you made, your masterpiece, has errors. Many authors go through many extensive drafts before they are satisfied with the outcome of their work. Being satisfied isn’t necessarily having a work of art with no mistakes in it. I make errors in the papers I write. It may be because writing it isn’t my forte. Some of the errors in my papers are shown in the final drafts which isn’t good. I have learned to fix my two prominent issues in my writing parallelism, and comma splices. As well as a smaller issue like spelling. I have worked to not make such errors in my work and if I do how to find and fix them. I have grown as a writer in my EWRT 211 class. Even though there are errors in my writing I also have a strength. Nobody wants to someone to read their writing and find errors in the first paragraph. In Teen Influences the name of a in class paper I wrote it had a parallelism error in the introduction. “...will influence a teen’s ability to make decisions, be responsible and ability to treat others.” (1). Parallelism …show more content…
To be a college student and have such errors it’s embarrassing. In the final draft of my essay Teen Influences I made three spelling errors. The three words I misspelled were pressure, whether, and benefited. (1-3). These words were misspelled not because I don’t know how to spell them, but because I had a limited amount of time to write the essay in class. I only had fifty minutes to write the four pages of my Teen Influences paper. The day before I could have written half of it, but I didn’t because I had other things on my mind that kept distracting me from doing the in class essay. It may not seem as a huge deal, but a final draft has to be perfect. To fix the spelling issues I now look up how to properly spell a word I have a doubt on how to spell; and also double check spelling when I am rushed and on a time

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