Effective Tips To Perfect Last Minute Essay

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Editing note - the outline was wank, so I added to the headers. I left the additions in red for if you wish to delete them. I had to change number 5 completely because it is terrible advice.

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6 Effective Tips to Perfect Last Minute Essay

To reiterate, this article explains how to write an essay very quickly without failing, these are not tips to help you create a perfect essay and/or a top scoring essay. This article assumes you have a very short deadline, and the advice within will help you turn in a passable essay by the deadline. It is often better to hand in a sub-par essay by the deadline rather than hand in a perfect essay late (especially since many colleges will dock points/marks for turning your essay in late).
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The chances are that your professor will allow you to make amendments after the deadline once you have handed it in, which will give you more time to complete your essay…so calm down.

2. Create Killer Essay Outline - Write A Plan And A Time Budget

Your essay needs an outline that gives a structure to your work and a few key points. Turn your outline into a bigger plan that has content notes and references to research areas.

Also, create a time budget, which will explain what you will do and when you will do it. If you only have 24 hours or a weekend to complete your essay, then a time budget is imperative.

For example, if you only have 24 hours to complete your essay, you need to have a budget that says you will spend X hours on this, and X hours on that. You need to know how far you will be by 10pm tonight, by 2am tomorrow morning, and by 8am tomorrow morning. Keep to your time budget in as ruthless of a manner as possible, and you should hit your
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Your word processor will show squiggly red lines under your mistyped words. Do not go back and correct them because it breaks your writing flow and such a stop/start process is not conducive to quick and effective writing. The spelling errors will still be there for you to correct later.

6. Own Your Essay - Try To Pick Holes In Your Own Work

Other people, especially your professor, are going to pick holes in your work. If you have rushed your essay, then it should have more holes than a sponge. With that being the case, you need to make a concerted effort to critically analyze your work and find faults with it so that you may tighten it up.

Most writers feel an emotional attachment to their work, even if the work is rushed. The emotional attachment makes the writer unable to see the fault in his or her own work. That is why professional writers use proofreading services. You need to take a step back and be as clinical and cold as you can.

Just because you rushed your essay doesn’t mean you cannot learn from the experience. Once you have gone through your essay and picked holes in it, ask yourself why you made the error and why you didn’t spot it

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