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One of the best time in one’s life is the teenage years. During this time love is discovered along with the true meaning of friendship. In many cases being a teen can be difficult because everything that is done or said is driven by emotions. Emotions are hard to deal with during those years and they can cause a traumatic changes in life if they are not controlled properly. That is what happened to three particular teenagers who seek to be accepted by their peers, who needed to feel love and were neglected at home. These teens’ names are Evan Ramsey, Jacob Davis and T.J. Solomon. They are three teenagers who open fire in consecutive years at school ground, killing and/or wounding their own classmates and teachers. Evan Ramsey was the first …show more content…
Davis killed his class mate over a girl dispute. Davis was engaged to Tonya Bishop, when he discovered that she had been intimate with Nick Creson. The betrayal of his girlfriend caused Davis to fall into a deep depression, and as the days passed Davis began hating and wishing for Creson’s death (Robinson). The day of the murder, Davis “ambushed Creson in the school parking lot” and shot him three times (616). Creson die at the hospital shortly after. Previous to the murder, Davis wrote letters to his girlfriend in which he stated that he felt the “desire to shoot Creson and write the lyrics of a rock song on his truck in Creson’s blood” (Robinson). This letters proved that Davis planned the murder and because of this he was sentenced “to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 51 years” for first degree murder (Robinson). Psychiatrists that have seen Davis believe that he was suffering from “serious depression with psychotic features” during the time of the murder (617). This shows that Davis was not mentally stabled during the shooting, but because he thought about killing Creson during a moment of break down, he was still found guilty. Now days Davis’ depression is under control with medications but he still lives in his “own personal hell” (616). He is hunted by insomnia and night terrors which bring him back to the day he …show more content…
Solomon, who in 1999 shot and wounded six classmates from his school in Conyers, Georgia. Solomon was a kid that was the target of bulling due to his quietness which “made him [seem] weird” to other kids (Cloud). Solomon was suffering from depression as well as the other killers with the exception that he was medicated with Ritalin, a medication used to treat hyperactivity also known as ADHD. He walked into school holding the rifle and simply opened fire at his classmates shooting six kids from which one was seriously injured (Cloud). After emptying his rifle, Solomon tried to commit suicide with a hand gun he also brought with him (Cloud). Luckily he was saved by the assistance principle showed up in time to make him realize what had happened (Cloud). Although Solomon was driven by depression and the abuse of his classmates towards him, he was different from the other killers. He was not as aggressive as the other killers because right after the incident when he felt into the assistance principal’s arms and said “Oh, my God, I 'm so scared” (Cloud). He was not mentally stabled at the time of the crime. Today’s date Solomon is paying for what he did with a sentence of 40 years in prison and 65 years of probation. After he was arrested Salomon’s “mother demanded to know why he hadn’t blasted himself” (615). She asked him that she didn’t “understand how [he] took innocent children, but [he was] too afraid to do anything to [himself]” (615). Hearing

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