Working Fo Yourself vs Employer Essay

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Working for yourself vs. working for employer

When it comes to work, there is no way around it. We have to work whether it will be ourselves or some one. There are differences and similarities to both whether working for yourself or someone else. But the differences of self business have greater importance than the work of employer. First Difference between self employment and employment is freedom. When we choose to work, a lot of thoughts come to mind such as “Will I wake up so early tomorrow morning?” or “Will the bus arrives on time” and so on. After that we defiantly think about working for ourselves. When we are self employed, we set up our own schedules, meetings and work hours. We wake up when it is convenient, take lunches
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As it was mentioned before communication is important and it brings a business important connection, which help business grow and bring higher profit margins. In addition to that being self employed means being self confident. Confidence is important, when we go to our own office; the smile shines upon our faces. That smile is cue card of a confidence. When we work for someone, we rarely communicate with the higher level people. We communicate to exact the same people, and earn the same salary as our colleagues. Further more being employed means being closed behind bars. We almost never meet important people for the business, or those connections done by the upper working class (ex. Managers, Supervisors). What is sadder about working for someone is that when we wake up, we wish not to go to work because of the lack of confidence. We arrive to work with a sad , rarely smiling face. Last but not least difference between self employment and employment is a career growth. When we work on our own, we learn from mistakes. The more time passes by, the more and better we understand. We learn and improve as we go, making our business almost ideal. Besides understanding business we move up on the career ladder. The better business becomes we can open up more locations. We grow with a business. In addition to career growth we get salary growth. A business person decides for his/her self what amount they wish to receive as their pay for a hard

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