What Is The Symbolal Symbolism In The Old Spice

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A lot of men think there is a ‘magical’ solution to fulfill the needs and wants of the women in their life and that is exactly what Old Spice claims to be. In the commercial the viewers see fictional and fairytale like things happening such as tickets to a show turning into diamonds. After the shower scene where the man in the commercial had used Old Spice the viewers saw him wearing white pants on a boat. The white pants is an emphasis on transition to a higher role in life. The commercial symbolizes power, money, thrill, desire and higher status with subtle hints such as the white pants or the diamonds. At the end of the commercial we also see the man say “Anything is possible when your man smells like Old Spice and not a lady” which also …show more content…
The Old Spice man at first was in the shower then we saw him wearing the white pants and white is usually seen as higher status in life. Popes wore white to mark their status as higher position as do many world leaders such as Gandhi. As mentioned earlier the man in the commercial sprayed the Old Spice after the shower which then made the transition of being in white pants and on a boat possible. A research done by John Marshall Townsend and Gary Levy shows that women are more likely to choose men with higher status. In this research women were shown pictures of three groups of men, high class doctors, middle class men with swatches who were described as teachers and low class men wearing Burger King Uniforms. In the end the women chose the obvious answer. Old Spice claims to give transition to higher status by showing the white pants as well as the swift transition to the boat after the shower scene where the man had used the Old …show more content…
An example of the transitions would include, the man going from the shower to the boat and from the boat onto the horse. It is not an everyday thing where you see a man on a white horse or on a boat. The white horse symbolizes a knight aspect in the Old Spice commercial. The knight in shining armor is usually adventurous and women typically seek that in a man. Many romance novels have the knight in shining armor aspect as adventurous and bold yet charming. A white horse can also symbolize instinct and intuition which again are traits that both men and women find attractive. Old Spice claims to make a man more adventurous as well as have instinct and intuition through putting the man in the commercial on a white horse.
All in all, throughout the Old Spice advertisement the viewers saw a “magical” solution, Old Spice, being used to obtain various things that both men and women desire. The commercial had three transitions specifically after the man in the commercial used the Old Spice. The transitions were swift and had a lot of symbolism such as the white pants, diamonds and a white horse. Out of the ordinary things were shown in the Old Spice commercial that you do not see every day and it shows it can give a man many of his needs while projecting from a woman’s point of

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