Un Chein Andalou Gender Analysis

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Another example is a short film I first saw in my play analysis class. A slightly unconventional example I think, yet, I feel it goes with the argument that has been built. Salvador Dali in 1929 released a film called Un Chein Andalou, and the particular scene that I saw in class was of a man dissecting the iris of a young woman’s eye. The scene brings forward the idea that female sight is not central. Furthermore, it also reinforces the fact that men are not just the audience but also seem to have the controlling hand in running the show; everything from the writing to the directing. There by, fully dictating the narrative and how it should be represented.
The last example is an oil painting called “The Madonna” (1984) by Norwegian expressionist
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Below are a few examples of gender representation across different forms of visual culture.
This fashion spread in Details has literally reduced a woman to an object. She is acting as an inanimate table on which things are kept; not to mention her lack of clothing. She is just to be seen as useful tool by a man. Andrea Levy argues exactly what is being shown in the fashion spread; women are encouraged to see themselves as objects. This is mainly because we live in a sexualized society that objectifies women.
Similarly, the Tipalet cigarette ad targets women by objectifying them. They use the age old idea of sex sells and use it to sell their product. The very line “Blow in her face and she’ll follow you anywhere” sums it up that a woman obviously is reduced to doing whatever a man wants her to do; even if that means getting smoke blown in her face and following the man around happily; Moreover, not to mention that the white smoke has a double meaning. According to Andrea Levy women are made to believe that sex is their only power. This ad is an apt reflection of female

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