Traditional Vs. Social Media Essay

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Companies have been advertising to reach the consumers in target markets for years and were limited to what was available at the time such as Radio, billboards, television, movie reels, and print ads in magazines or newspapers. But companies today have a much wider range of advertising through social media which is faster and targets a much larger market segment. This paper will research the differences between traditional versus social media and discuss trends in advertising through social media as well as how it integrates traditional marketing and advertising campaigns.
Traditional Advertising
Organizations are faced with how to reach the most potential consumers that will be effective and has the best value per dollar spent. The goal of any advertising is to bring customers to the company’s product or service. Traditional advertisement venues were often limited to customers that had dollars to spend to reach the largest markets. Traditional marketing choices were ads placed in newspapers or magazines, telephone book, radio or TV (Lavinsky, 2013). The cost of advertising in a newspaper or magazine depended on size of the ad and the amount of subscribers the printed material would have. The larger the potential market the higher the cost so often the advertisements would be small and to the point. Over the years some of these traditional venues have fallen to the power of the digital age, phone booths have become scarce as well as the phone book since many opt…

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