Essay on The Treatment Of The Psychiatric Healthcare Facility

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The patients at the Psychiatric Healthcare Facility were put under increased stress today because they had their environment changed. The floor needed to be stripped and the patients were sent to the gym for the day while this was being done. This type of change can cause acute anxiety for some and while decrease anxiety for others because some patients get bored of being confined to just one place. There are different levels of anxiety ranching from mild, moderate, severe and panic. As the day began, one patient seemed to be particularly more agitated than any other. This patient prefers to have breakfast after 10 am, when all the other patients had finished but today the patient had to be woken up at 8 am. So, when the patient was having breakfast, he began to start yelling and staff needed to go talk to him. The staff remained professional and they conveyed the right attitude to deescalate the situation. The staff had established enough rapport that the situation had resolved quickly. As breakfast continued, I noted a patient that was taking celexa, cogentin, saprhis and restoril. He was sitting down and was staring blankly at the direction of another patient. He was just sitting there and once could see the negative symptoms of social withdrawal and blunted affect showing from his medications. The second patient began to yell at the first patient and asking what was his problem and began to get louder. In order to deescalate the situation, I walked over to…

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