The Super Bowl Essay examples

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There are many things in the United States that are major events. Football is

known as America’s sport and not only does it bring a crowd it also brings money

as well with the biggest event called the Super Bowl. Another major event in the

United States is the presidential election. Both of these events are totally

unpredictable. America would not be the same without these two major events,

because they not only bring in millions of fans but they also can be used to feed

information to the public. These two events are very similar to each other even

though they have many major differences.

The Super Bowl is the most well known American football game in the

world. This event is known not only for the intense football game, but also for the

commercials it has on the breaks. The Super Bowl is one of the most exciting

events in America and continues to grow in popularity because of the rising

intensity in the game. The Super Bowl has been around for over 50 years. Since the

Super Bowl brings in so many viewers companies pay millions of dollars just for a

commercial so that their company or product is broadcasted and is almost

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guaranteed to attract new customers. This game brings the best out of 32 teams to

play for a chance to become the Super Bowl champion, which comes with the perk

of winning the Lombardi trophy.

The United States election is the biggest event in the world not only because

it can get heated and really interesting but also because…

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