The Role Of The Public Health Nurse With Interdisciplinary Teams

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Group Project
#6. Impact of the role of the Public Health Nurse with interdisciplinary teams Public health nurses practice in various settings with the focus of care usually pertaining to high risk populations such as aids patients, the elderly, children, the disabled and the poor. “Interdisciplinary collaboration was essential to the team’s community mobilization efforts. This organizational innovation was associated with developing a more participatory organizational climate, increasing system effectiveness, and building community capacity (Westbroook, L. & Schultz, R. 2000). The public health nurse has the opportunity to practice on several levels including local, regional, state and federal levels. In order to provide effective and quality care to the patient which can be considered an individual, family, group or population, collaboration is required with other interdisciplinary teams. “Collaborative team-based practice within and interdisciplinary health service environment is an important consideration to the nursing profession. Policy direction suggests that collaborative professional skills can address complex client needs with in a framework of primary care and social accountability for health service quality, cost and access. The pursuit of collaborative and interdisciplinary care is generally agreed to be a worthy goal (Jansen, L. 2008). On the local level, the public health nurse works with community health centers to design and implement health education…

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