Nursing Case Study

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Bianca was referred for counseling by her son’s insistence due to her visible tremor, slow thinking, slurred speech, and sleep problems. She came to the office with her twenty-eight-year-old son, Angel. The client is currently taking various types prescribed medications which might be life threatening. This assessment was requested to identify possible sources of Bianca’s problems and make recommendations for treatment.
Section Two
Background Information
M.Q is a forty-seven-years-old, middle class, heterosexual, Mexican American female who works as a legal assistant. Bianca appeared to be weak and had noticeable bruises on her extremities and visible tremor. She suffers from slow thinking, restlessness, slurred speech, distress, delusions,
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In those times, Bianca depressed and stressed about the death or her husband, but she was not suicidal. She was uncomfortable at home; therefore wanted to move.
• Her psychological state deteriorated over months and she began presenting psychotic symptoms and severe paranoia. She had hallucination about men and women being in her bed. The client was hospitalized one more time on psychiatric unit in November 2013. She improved over two weeks without being placed on antipsychotic medication. However, when she was at her home, her psychotic symptoms started again. She decided to go back to counseling and was prescribed Haloperidol (0.025-1.0 mg/day- antipsychotic) upon her son son’s insistence.
• The client reported that she has a chronic migraine headache, which worsened lately and sleep problems. Therefore, she recently went to her medical doctor, who prescribed some sleeping medications. One week prior to her appointment, she had a seizure. The etiology is unknown, but the doctor at the hospital recommended an
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She used to take blues (narcotic pain reliever), rainbows (barbiturates sedative), and yellow jackets (Nembutal sedative). After an uncertain-term-remission, she started taking prescribed pills, which are mostly sedatives again. Bianca reported taking Tylenol with codeine (pain killer), Klonopin (about 25mg a day; benzodiazepines, sedative), Restoril (“Restril” sedative-hynotics for sleep disorder), Xanax (sedatives), and Propoxedrine (narcotic pain relievers). She confirmed that she visits several physicians to get these drugs. It is not clear whether she properly remembers all this medication and their amount. Therefore, she was asked for a sign to release form in order to talk with her physicians and identify what medications/amount she is currently taking. Although the client was hesitant to sign it at first, after explaining the risk of medication, she accepted to sign the

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