The Pursuit Of A Future Essay

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The Pursuit of a Future in Electronics Engineering As a society, our lives revolve around technology, consistently engaged in our electronic accessories, forcing the real world to compete with our devices for a sliver of our time. My dream is to design, create, and construct purposeful electronics that will enhance people’s lives and make their interaction with the world more convenient and enjoyable. Electronics engineering is the field I would like to pursue, electronic engineers are responsible for everything from the phone in your pocket to the personal robot everyone will have in the future. Consequently, I was drawn to this field through the influence of my dad, he has inspired me to pursue a career in engineering from a young age; when I was young, my dad would show me how to take apart and rebuild computers and other various electronics, he would come home from work and begin talking in hi-tech gibberish that I never completely understood but had a desire to. Additionally, even today I continue to learn from my dad and I’ve always had a passion to learn everything about the latest technology and an aspiration to contribute my own ideas to products that I love. Procuring my degree at University of Texas at Austin will sanction my pursuit of a career in electronics engineering, and enable me to design productions I’m passionate about and that will enhance peoples’ lives. To achieve my goal I need a degree in my field, the school I would like to enroll in is the…

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