Hopsin-Fly Advert Analysis

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Companies effect peoples lives with advertising. For an advertisement to be effective it must make the consumer think they need the product. Marketing used to be very vague to reach the general audience. But as marketing has evolved it has become more effective tailoring advertisement, by targeting peoples character; or their instinct to fit in. Corporations are more powerful with advertisement over the media, the media shapes the way that people think using stereotypes. Corporations nowadays are difficult to stop, armed with law and a variation of bribe tactics it's not an option. This is discussed by the rapper Marcus Hopsin in his music video, "Hopsin-Fly". Hopsin's music video, recorded in a learning experience setting by a knowledgeable author who wants to help his fans, effectively teaches consumers who are affected by the negative intentions of corporations and their subliminal messages.

In the music video "Hopsin-Fly",
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Hopsin raps about how corporations tailor ideas into peoples lives with advertising. In a document, "NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF PERSONALIZATION IN DIRECT MARKETING", "More and more companies which until recently treated their target markets in a mass one-size-fits-all manner, now personalize their products and/or other marketing mix tools to better match their offer to the needs of particular customers" (Sejba, Aleksandra, and Pilarczyk). The people having marketing tailored to there desires, is bad because the people lose a lot of money. Personalized marketing is usually more interesting than general advertising. Peoples ideas change each time an advertisement is viewed, making the consumer more willing to except a message. Products are tailored to hobbies and specific needs which makes advertising unavoidable. Advertising is forced, it's tailored into peoples lives every day. Corporation's benefit tailoring messages subliminally to the

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