The Issue Of Gun Control Essay

1265 Words Aug 15th, 2015 6 Pages
Gun control is a very controversial topic in which one’s opinion on said topic is strongly tied with whether they are a republican or democrat. Approximately 31,537 people die each year in the United States in relation to some type of gun violence. If there were to be restrictions on how easy one can acquire a firearm, there would be significantly less deaths in the country. Laws regarding the purchasing of guns should be passed in order to ensure the safety of Americans by which it would be harder for criminals to get guns and the less accessibility there is, the less amount of accidents would ensue. The United States is the number one leading country in the world in regards to gun violence. Young children, students, families, etcetera are in constant danger of becoming a victim of a firearm. Every day, United State citizens become more and more vulnerable to the dangers of guns because there is an extreme paucity in the number of restrictions on the purchasing of guns. By the way that this industry is ran, practically anyone can buy guns with just the click of a button. There are in fact some laws and restrictions on who can buy guns and how many one may buy, however those laws are very lenient and are inefficient in the way they intended to protect innocent United State citizens. All first-time gun buyers are not already murders, but the accessibility of theirs guns hold the potential to encourage acts of violence. With the option present, more gun…

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