The Importance Of Transformational Leadership In Health Care Organizations

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2) Why is transformational management so essential for achieving excellence in health care organizations?

The idea behind transformational leadership is that regardless of the differences people may have, they have common end goals. Transformational leadership is reached by the actions of the leaders by establishing and committing to the relationship with the subordinates (Institute of Medicine, 2004). This includes a two-way street of communication. The leaders may be required to make changes to their leadership in order to pursue the common goals (Institute of Medicine, 2004). High rate of change requires transformation leadership, not transactional. Transformational management can lead an organization through changes. It also creates an opportunity for the leadership to showcase their skills with governing employee morale, inspiring and motivating the
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Simply stated by Navar “managers have subordinates and leaders have followers, managers create circles of power while leaders, create circles of influence.” (2014). The employees in my department were very close and supportive of each other. Our manager disregarded the system we had in place and instead of continuing to lead us, he became power hungry and stepped on fellow peers in order to climb the corporate ladder. Unfortunately, no one respected him, therefore no one went to him for advice.
Leading people vs Managing work. Managers are tasked with the purpose of completing a predetermined goal or objective. They are responsible for controlling a group or are in charge of certain activities. A leader is able to influence and motivate others so that they contribute to the success of the company or organization. Navar (2014) states “Influence and inspiration separate leaders from managers, not power and control.” We would be reprimanded and receive poor reviews if we were behind schedule on any assignments. There was no leading by

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