The Importance Of Social Media Management

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The utilization of social networking mediums to acquire information in regards to a company’s products or services, exemplifies why Social Media marketing strategies have become prevalent in the business realm. This is one of the primary reasons organizations must be able to adapt and keep up with technology in order to survive the digital age. In other words, since the emergence of social networking, businesses have modified its marketing efforts to align with the modern world. Not to mention, it is imperative for a business to establish an online presence to reach more consumers as well as maintain relevancy. Ultimately, interning for an individual who needed assistance maintaining and managing his Facebook page as a means to
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After interning for author Jereme L. Ford, it is apparent that Social Media Management is not an easy task. Specifically, it requires a substantial amount of patience, time, strategic planning, and energy to achieve the outcome one desires. However, I was able to obtain notable results by interacting with fans/customers on a daily basis and in turn gained insight into the customers’ persona. For example, when I posted funny relationship memes on the author’s Facebook page, the engagement rate increased by 21% in comparison to motivational memes. This indicated that customers preferred memes that were relatable even though their responses were favorable in accordance with the latter. Furthermore, another vital lesson I learned is that the road to entrepreneurship entails twists, turns, dips, and sometimes a big bad wolf. Strictly speaking, entrepreneurship is rewarding when one has the persistence, determination, and willpower to overcome obstacles that may transpire in the process. Nevertheless, this interning opportunity confirmed the value in terms of being an entrepreneur, and thus compelled me to continue my journey to …show more content…
The first encounter was comprised of a lack of customer service etiquette in relation to Bonnie Nemo at Hillsborough Community College. In a nutshell, she was rude, unprofessional, and cut me off mid-sentence after she initially expressed interest in procuring the author as a guest speaker. In addition to the aforestated incident, the second adverse experience coincides with undesirable percentages in compliance with the analytics hub of the author’s Facebook page. Primarily, engagement activity plummeted the week succeeding the Black Friday sale, which in turn made it burdensome to increase the engagement rate during my last week of the internship. As a result, the engagement component elevated at a snail’s pace before attaining an acceptable

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