Transformational Leadership And Motivation Report

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Motivation has a critical role for success in work. It affects employees to create the success for the company and themselves also it creates the win-win relation between employees and companies. The best motivation techniques are researched for a long time. The decades-old researched show that the motivation methods can be separated into two way, as financial and non-financial.
According to a report that was conducted by Mazar (2013), only 1/3 of respondents noted that an increase in financial benefits was a key motivational factor that encouraged employees to do a good job. It is obviously clear that the motivation is not just related with the money. Also the report shows that %59 respondents are being demotivating by management style.
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As a research, it is interrogable the benefits of Transformational leadership in terms of both company and personnel outcomes. (Givens, 2008). According to the analysis of the report (Gallup, Inc.,2013), the most successful organizations effectively engage their employees, leading to higher productivity and better financial outcomes. So it is really important form the employees and for the …show more content…
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