Essay On What I Learned In English Class

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About six years ago, I moved to the United States together with my family. After having been here for one week, I started my ninth grade. I learned English in Vietnam for a couple years before moving. However, my skills weren’t good enough for me to understand and talk to my teachers and peers. I struggled for a long time to fit in. Everything to me was unfamiliar. Beside having a difficult time to understand the new language, I was also having a hard time to getting used to other aspects of the new culture. However, as other teenageres, I had big dreams that I wanted to achieve. I decided to try hard to be fluent in English.
When I just started school, I was put into an ELD class. The teacher didn’t care about his students at all. We didn’t do anything much during class time. I know I wasn’t making much of a progress and that I was wasting my time. I decided to learned on my own. Everynight before bed, I went on some English teaching websites to practice my listening and writing skills. I tried to rent my favorite books that I read in Vietnamese from the
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By now I have improved a lot, but my writing skills are still lacking. I remember the first time Mrs. Conradson assigned an in class writing assignment, I was so nervous and worried because I felt like I will never be as good as my classmates. As expected, I made quite a lot of mistakes. Mrs. Conradson knew that I was still struggling, so she paid more attention to me. She would always encourage me to keep working hard and remind me that practice makes perfect. When I came back after school to ask questions, she always took her time and tried her best to help me understand better. Moreover, she also allowed rewrites for all of our assignments. She pointed out all the errors, weakness as well as strengths in all the student’s essays, which was very helpful for everyone in my class. Gradually, my writing skills got

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