Self Evaluation Essay On Learning English

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Revised Self-Evaluation Essay Learning English Before taking this English class, I wasn 't very good at learning English or Grammar. I couldn 't write an essay and could barely pass a grammar test. I was worried that my lack of these skills would end up hurting my college career. So, I decided to take an English class over the summer, hoping that I would improve just enough to pass college. At the end of the class, to my surprise, I was able to do these things: write essays better, discover the forms of rhetorics easier, and learn about a flaw hurting my grammar skills. I was able to do all of this by having learned about prewriting, drafting, researching, revising …show more content…
When I learned about drafts, I wanted nothing to do with them. I thought they were just extra essays to write. I tried to dodge the drafts for as long as possible until it was required in the class. I begrudgingly worked on the draft and found out it was more perception than poison. Due to drafting, I was able to find holes in my theses and points in my essays that didn 't work. Now I 'm almost militant about doing a draft before the essay. Drafts helped me put more into my essays and the more I put in the essay, the more I got out. This is where research comes in …show more content…
It was because I didn 't take the time to go over the material I learned. I like to rush everything I do and get it over with quickly, which I learned, was the worst way to go about things. I would look over the test that I had recently taken and realize some of the questions I got wrong were in the Written Exercises page, but I had skipped over them in a rush. Rushing also hurt me with my more grammar focused assignments as I didn 't pay enough attention to what I was typing and lost easy points on them. I learned that if I didn 't start slowing down, I would be rushing to an

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