Reflective Essay: Shitty First Drafts

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Before I came to De Anza, I was lacking in many things. For example, I switch in between persons in the same paragraph when I was talking about a character. I would add in my opinions like why I think Hamlet wanted to kill his family on an analysis paper, and my sentence structures were all over the place. I would also use the same words over and over again making my essay dull and boring than it already is. I started to feel degraded because I was receiving low scores on my essays. They also kept getting worse and showed no improvements towards my writing. I had given up and just wanted to get the bare minimum to pass the class. Luckily, I passed with a C-. I was at the edge and I was just glad I had passed. Coming to EWRT 211, I had thought …show more content…
Once I did, I seem to forget what it was right after. That was not until my professor had us write something called shitty first drafts. Shitty first drafts is a draft where you would write anything you want, relating to the essay in order to get down topics. It was beneficial for me because I lacked ideas when it came to the essays. By doing the shitty first draft, it helped me open my eyes and be able to use the topics I had came up with during the draft. After doing that draft, I would rewrite it, so it can have all the correct format and grammars. In all the essay that I have written like Words Are Powerful and American Society’s Version of Beauty, I have been able to use that tactic in order to get my thoughts on the readings. It provided me with enough information to write my ideas into proper …show more content…
I learned that using shitty first drafts I am able to gain new insights on ways to write my essay. By using outlines, I gained the skill to be able to organize on my writing in order to have a clear and concise thought on what I am trying to state. It also helps that I can be able to use outlines and find connections through the topics to relate to the thesis. Using concrete details helped my provide more information for the readers to understand. The reader does not understand my situation, so to be detailed in your writing gives them an opportunity to understand. Even though the skills of shitty first draft, outlines, and using concrete details have heightened my writing, I still have a lot of room to learn more writing techniques to become a better writer. Being able to go to EWRT 1A, I would have the chance to learn more new skills that I could use in the class to improve on providing my future readers to be satisfied with my

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